Three Ways Better Water Leads to Better Health

  1. Enhanced Hydration The quality of tap water in certain parts of the country is questionable at best. In many parts of the US, tap water has a weird smell, a funky taste, and sometimes it can even have a murky appearance. It’s no wonder you don’t hydrate more often with water like that! So, having a water filtration system will encourage you to drink more, better water. Drinking more water, in general, will improve hydration and give you so many more health benefits, including: Increased energy Better digestion Improve your chances of weight loss Smoother, clearer skin Improve cognitive function and mood The people at Supreme Water Sales ( agree. It doesn’t matter whether you get your water from a well or a tank, pure and great-tasting water is the only water you should drink. 2. Fewer Heavy Metals There are many heavy metals in our drinking water, no matter where you are in the world. According to the World Health Organization , these include: Coppe